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Right around the corner!!!

The manuscript for Dogs of Warr III: Chasing the Ghost is with the trusty editing skills of Mr. Tom Flood at #FloodManuscripts once again. Once he works his magic I will do what I want to put the final tweaks on and make it fit for human consumption.

The title had to change from Siege(squared) . . . Chasing the Ghost to just Chasing the Ghost because the battles contained in the writing weren't really sieges. They were more assaults, or attacks. The first thing Tom fixed, LOL!!! It had been nagging at me once I was done with the manuscript and once he mentioned something in his assessment, that clinched it.

The assessment had some really good things to say, and there were also some not as nice things, but that's what I pay him for. His honest opinion. It's worked for me before and I'm looking forward to what he has in store for me again.

This may be the one that actually gets a little more traction outside my "local" audience. I'm looking at doing a press release, try to get a review or two before release, and having a release party out in The 'Ville to generate that publicity.

I'm excited and the groundwork for DOW IV: Beware the Silver Lining has already begun!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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