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And now a word about the author . . . . . . .

TR grew up in west central Wisconsin. Watching the aircraft from nearby Ft. McCoy fly overhead got him interested in both the military and aviation. After graduating from the University of Minnesota he reported to MCRD San Diego CA to start his military career in the Marines. During twenty years of active duty he served as an aircraft Ground Support Equipment technician, a Communications Officer, and a CH-53E Helicopter Pilot, primarily serving on the west coast with numerous overseas deployments.

Upon retiring from the military he took a job with the Marine Corps’ Operational Test squadron primarily supporting the CH-53K program. After time as an OTA, he assumed the position as the business manager for a small, family-owned military contracting business in Lexington Park, MD. In 2018, TR and his wife moved to Louisville, KY where he initially worked as a Process Improvement Specialist for the University of Louisville Hospital, followed by a (very) short stint as an Operations Research Analyst at Fort Knox, KY. He is currently an aviation Ground School Instructor for a major logistics company in his adopted hometown of Louisville.

TR and his wife enjoy riding motorcycle, watching football, binge watching good TV shows, and attending concerts. They also enjoy spending time with their friends and family whenever they get a chance.

TR's start in writing began when, in a discussion with his wife about 'bucket list' items, he mentioned he'd always wanted to write a book someday. At his wife’s strong suggestion to "go for it!" he did, which keeps in line with their 'no regrets' policy. The subsequent journey has been one of enlightenment, hard work, and the realization of a desire and passion for writing.

The characters for Dogs of Warr were initially developed in 1987; the first incarnation being comic book characters drawn in a sketchbook. The first novel, in an ongoing series, was a way to bring those characters to life, giving them depth and dimension. Skull & Crossbownes are two of his other characters he's brought to life, appearing in their debut novella, Chronicles of Skull & Crossbownes: The Atlantis File, with the intent of developing that into an ongoing series as well.

While only a 'part time' author, it's become a 'full-time' passion for TR and the ideas keep flowing, eventually winding up on ‘paper’. He sincerely hopes others will hop on to enjoy the ride he's taking his characters on!!

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