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:The Central American File

PRINT ISBN - 979-8-35092-930-0

EBOOK ISBN -  979-8-35094-862-2

CHRONICLES OF SKULL & CROSSBOWNES: THE CENTRAL AMERICAN FILE is the second  novella regaling the tales of the costumed mercenary twins.

A contracted hit in L.A. takes out the local leader of  the Demonios Sangrientos, a violent offshoot of the reputed MS-13 street gang. This contract brings out some unanticipated repercussions for the pair as the founder of the DS makes it personal.  

This leads the duo down to Central America, where the brothers justify the strike against the founder to keep it from violating their own personal rules of conduct. 

Mayhem and destruction follow the pair, aided as always by their trusted associate, Lexington Smythe, as they venture south of the border.  

One again follow the brothers as they stalk their prey. The hunt continues.

This is the perfect book for fans of John Wick or Max Payne. The Central American File is an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride of a novella that would not look out of place as the script for an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster. Using a fast-paced plot featuring lots of action and witty dialogue, T.R. Gabriel ensures readers are entertained through until the end. The narrative just oozes style, primarily because Gabriel keeps it minimalistic with little room for fluff. The characters are intentionally over-the-top and exhibit traits you usually associate with protagonists from Hollywood action movies. The dynamic between Skull, Crossbownes, and Lex was one of the book's highlights for me. In conclusion, if you're looking for a breezy read featuring thrilling action sequences and delightful one-liners, The Central American File is the book for you.

Pikasho Deka - Readers' Favorite

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:The Atlantis File

PRINT ISBN - 978-1-09835-490-9

EBOOK ISBN - 123-0-00304-943-3

Timothy G. and Anthony B. Robertson. Fraternal twins born three minutes and seven seconds apart. Sons of a wealthy “dot com” father, raised in the best of boarding schools, highly intelligent, owners of a very successful tech company, RBE International as well as a prominent art and antiquities gallery. The brothers enjoy notoriety in the celebrity circle of high society. This, however is their public persona.

Privately, on the dark web side of life, they garner the same degree of notoriety as they do in their public life, but do so anonymously, known only by their working names, Skull & Crossbownes. A world famous pair of costumed contract killers and mercenaries, skillful in the art of death.


 The action starts with, of all things, an attempted rescue mission in Central America, then a contracted assassination of Ms. Maxxima Torrera, Señorita Muerte, which begins in Cancún and continues to a Greek island, reportedly where the lost city of Atlantis has been uncovered.

Follow the brothers as they stalk their unsuspecting prey from one continent to the next.

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