9/14/20 - New entry under "THE MACHINES"!!!

The long awaited (or maybe not) appearance of the creator concept art for the Hummingbird is on the website! a graphical representation of the device that you can use to picture in your mind as it floats round the battlefield in the books. Enjoy!!!

9/14/20 - Dogs of Warr II: By Executive Request in editing!!!

The rough manuscript is with the editor. Mr. Tom Flood of Flood Manuscripts has it in his hands and will be doing an assessment on the rough. Pending the outcome of that, it'll enter into a round of line editing with a final copy coming shortly after that. Mr. Flood helped get the first in the series out on the streets and looking forward to what he has to say about the second installment.

7/22/20 - Dogs of Warr II: By Executive Request coming soon!!!

The rough manuscript is done. Currently being Beta read by one of the same people who read the original. Since they aren't handing out free editing anywhere, I have to wait until the "time is right" (i.e. I can afford to hire a good editor) to have it professionally done. The good news is, there is a good list of some great editor on and I also have my Australian connection who might like to catch up on the next chapter of the Dogs. Either way, when it's time, I have options.

3/7/20 - Chronicles of Skull & Crossbownes II: The Central America File in pre-production!!!

The rough outline has been completed with a few chapter titles thrown down. I have a rough synopsis and some ideas about certain sections of the book I want to get in "writing", and will be trying to kick-start that the first week of May.

As far as a finished product is concerned, the priority for now is getting DOW II out. Not that I love S&C any less, but there's been more exposure to the DOW characters (mostly family and a few friends), but that's my "signature" franchise. Although if S&C were to take off, I wouldn't complain one iota about that!! LOL!!!

All it takes is cash and as of right now, with no agent or big publisher backing's gonna be taking it's sweet time going to press. But the ideas are still coming and I'm typing them down as quick as I can!!!!!

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