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Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

PanGee blueprint pic 2.png
  • System combines six small, cell phone style cameras mounted around a visor attached to a tactical helmet

  • Cameras are used for night vision only

  • visor is an impact resistant shield for use during daytime operations, protecting the eyes of the user

  • when turned on, the cameras receive inputs from the area surrounding the helmet, the images being fed to the microcomputer mounted on the rear of the helmet with the battery pack

  • networking the cameras, the combined 3D panoramic image is projected onto the clear visor, turning it opaque, keeping the glow of the projected image from being seen by other personnel

  • the picture is a 3D representation of the wearer's surroundings out to 50 meters, a 2D picture beyond that

  • TacTab information can also be integrated onto the PanGee image, providing either a navigation or a targeting heads up display (hud) 

  • The battery, developed by Brain, resembles the TACTAB battery, seemingly lasting forever

  • Capable of recharging wirelessly, remotely, or in an almost prehistoric fashion, simply by plugging it in

  • battery is capable of recharging from all sources of power, AC, DC, one hundred twenty-volt U.S. power, two hundred twenty volt European, and any other continental power

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