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Tactical tablet

  • Device used by the Dogs for piloting their airborne Hummingbird devices (Hummers), GPS navigation, controlling snake cameras, target designating, and digital communications

  • Approximately the size of an iPad mini, slightly thicker because of the ruggedized case.

  • The case is made of Rhynnohÿde. Because there is no requirement for any flexibility, the case is even stronger than the wearable form of Rhynnohÿde

  • glass-like front surface even harder than tempered glass, rendering it virtually unbreakable, yet still capable of touch screen inputs

  • a patterned micro-abrasion in the clear front keeps it from glaring or glinting in the sunlight, possibly giving away a team member’s position. Brain (Dr. Werner) developed that specific abrasive pattern allowing for the scrambling of light against the surface

  • a series of buttons embedded in the front of the case, allow for quick touch inputs and functions for brevity, minimizing movement in a tactical environment

  • Able to provide maps, local and worldwide, with graphics, photos, like Google Earth - with improvements in coverage due to spy satellite information: known threat indicators, suspected threat indicators, friendly position indicators

  • same type of camera with the same capabilities as mounted in the Hummers, with a laser and an infra-red range finder / pointer / target designator

  • Interface that remotely pilots each member’s Hummer. Split-screen views allow for both the control of the Hummer as well as sensor readouts of what the Hummer is seeing. The readouts can be linked and shared with as many as ten viewers

  • Networked together with a radio waveform also developed by Brain. It has been determined to be encrypted, according to experts, to a degree that defies modern cryptologic science. This encryption and waveform is it is backwards-compatible with both U.S. and allied forces. This means the Dogs can share what they choose to, while they can also receive anything from U.S. and allied forces without having to worry about their own data link being compromised

  • Overall longer-range plan is that when Cerberus One, or any of the other three Cerberus aircraft, are on-scene, they will function as the hub for the TacTab network. They will all be linked to the command station onboard the aircraft

  • The battery, developed by Brain, seemingly lasts forever

  • The battery can recharge wirelessly, remotely, or in an almost prehistoric fashion, simply by plugging it in. It’s capable of recharging from all sources of power, AC, DC, one hundred twenty-volt U.S. power, two hundred twenty volt European and any other continental power

TacTab targeting and nav display.png

Targeting / Communication mode

TacTab Hummer Flight mode.png

Flight mode

TacTab ground display.png

Ground  (GPS)  mode

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