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End of Days?!

If one were religious.... and I'm not really, but if you wanna take a good hard look at it..... from the Book of Revelations in the Bible, is it just me or are all the signs of the Four Horsemen there?

Famine, look at the long food lines and people trying to feed their families. They're having trouble because of . . .

Pestilence. There's a nasty virus circling the globe, preying on both the weak and the healthy. War. Cities and their officials have said the recent protests and riots have made it look like a war on our streets.

And Death. The rider on the pale horse. It lords over the four. It's everywhere. Sometimes it's an instigator, other times, it's a result.

Am I wrong in thinking this might be the end of days?!?!

I really want to be wrong on this one, but it's out there. Food for thought.

I'm also hoping I'm wrong because I got stuff to do!!! There are more books for me to write and more places for me to travel to.

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