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Dogs of Warr III:

Chasing the Ghost

The unthinkable has happened.

The Devil’s Ghost has managed to divulge the whereabouts of the Kennel, mounting an attack resulting in numerous casualties and untold destruction.

The blow dealt to the team is debilitating with critical injuries to key personnel and major damage to the facility. Dark times ensue as the Dogs are forced to lay low and lick their wounds.

roaring back into action, The Dogs of Warr are itching for payback. Their newest resident genius giving them their best chance of striking back at their hated nemesis. 

However, given the reputation of their foe it may still be a guess, and chasing the wind. Only time will tell if the mission to retaliate is successful.   

dogs of warr III review
Readers' Favorite

The following excerpts are from a 5-star Readers' Favorite review of Dogs of Warr III:

 - "profoundly detailed and emotionally invested work of military thrills and action-packed scenes, which you will cling to for a real white knuckle ride."

 -  "when the moment calls for vivid description, it’s in spades, making for some explosive cinematic moments."

 - "a superb addition to an action-packed series that fans of military fiction will surely enjoy."

See all the reviews here: 

dogs of warr III review

Just finished reading Dogs of Warr III. Best one yet!

When I read the first book I thought; you could make a movie out of this story.

Now I think it would be great to see it made into a series on TV like Jack Ryan.

I liked the way [it] jumped right into action in the very first pages, then developed the plot and each of the characters into a gripping and page turning story.

I loved it! An excellent writer, and I am eagerly awaiting IV.


D.J. - U.S. Army Infantry Officer, 3 tour Vietnam combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient

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