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Dogs of Warr II:

By Executive Request

  A personal tragedy in the Oval Office has left both the President and the First Lady grieving. Desperate times call for desperate measures with President Buchannan asking the Dogs of Warr for a response even more covert than usual.

  Colonel Warr leads the team south of the border on their first ever all volunteer basis mission. Their clandestine trip below the equator divulges a devilish surprise but an unfortunate event shortens the excursion, leaving the team one Dog down.
  New faces arrive at the Kennel giving the team a  second chance for the desired outcome. This time, if the stars align, mission success could result in a twofold victory!

dogs of warr review

The following are some excerpts from Ghuddie's review of Dogs of Warr:

 - "perfectly utilised the tool of imagery."

 -  "extensively elucidated the modes of operation in these fields to the point that a novice would encounter no stress trying to comprehend how the fields work."

 - "Readers who appreciate investigative novels and are fans of special intelligence and stories the have a lot to do with the military will enjoy this one. Lovers of science fiction and superhero novels will also find the book interesting."

See the entire review here: 

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I just finished 'Dogs of Warr'.  The book was a pleasure to read.   There's enough connection to current and recent events to keep the reader involved with the plot.  Anyone who served in the military should enjoy following the Dogs as they plan, prepare and execute their missions.  You did a nice job utilizing the Ghost to keep the story suspenseful.  I especially appreciated the character development of the individual warriors.  I found myself getting lost in their personal backstories, only to return to the ever present threat of the Ghost.

The detailed explanations and descriptions of the hardware, aircraft and weaponry used by Colonel Warr's Dogs kept me engaged in each mission.  Your ability to paint a picture of each character and their equipment made for a vivid, almost visual experience while reading the book.  I found myself trying to predict how each decision and action would affect the current mission and the inevitable conflict with the Devil's Ghost that was sure to come.  

I'd recommend this book to friends and family.  The book is a winner for anyone who enjoys this genre of fiction, one that is so well grounded in current reality and the traditions so many of us hold dear.  Once you start reading, you won't want to put it down.  

-DSK (Marine veteran)

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